Custom Sign Design

Custom Sign’s staff includes designers who have the experience to create eye-catching signs, no matter what application. Our professional sales staff has been trained to help you with design ideas. Our in-house custom sign design staff will work with them to design you a custom sign that will serve you for years to come.

Illuminated Signs & Letters

Perhaps the best and most basic form of sign is one that is illuminated, either front-lit or backlit. We can provide illuminated signs for any number of applications, indoors or outdoors, using a variety of lighting methods.


When you really want your sign to “pop” neon is the answer! Neon signage has been used for decades as a way to catch the public’s attention and make businesses stand out among the competition. Adding neon to existing signage or as decorative accents to your building can freshen up your business’ look, both inside and out.


An awning shelters your customers and your business from the elements, and can do double duty promoting your business, as well. Custom Signs can design and install illuminated awnings that will set your business apart.

Special Projects

When your signage needs are out of the ordinary, look to Custom Sign for that one-in-a-million, over-the-top, custom-made sign! We have experience with unique signage needs, including scoreboards and jumbotrons, and can design a sign that meets your exact needs.